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73 Canal Street, New York, NY

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Poniedziałek - sobota: 08:00 - 16:00
+48 22 621-70-37


Philosophy of our Company

Our business is based on clear values ​​such as:

ethics - we are guided by ethical standards in business, which is why we are honest in meeting our commitments, we strive for transparency of information, we execute contracts on time, etc;

partnership - we believe that business relationships should be built on a partner basis and that the success of our company can only be built taking into account customer needs;

flexibility - we respond flexibly to customer expectations.

Company Profile

The company's business profile is the processing of plastics in injection technologies, extrusion and extrusion blow molding.


We provide services including: technical consulting, mold making, and production on entrusted forms.


<br /> Thanks to the commitment of shareholders and crew, we have built strong foundations for stable growth. The company's strategy is to build good and lasting relationships with clients. We want to continue the tradition of the AD Class brand in the field of production of office and archiving items.

For production we use machines from reliable producers!

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