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AD Class

The AD Class is of French origin, and is a well-known brand of products for office and archiving. The origin of the brand dates back to 1952, when production of office cardboard binders began.., In the early 60s, the production of PVC-made punched pockets began, currently produced from PP still remains a flagship product of this brand.

In 1972, the A.D. Class company was established and processing of polypropylene by extrusion was started. In 1992, a new range of “Recypro” products – made of recycled materials – was launched, and environmental issues become a domain of the company.

At the end of the 90s, a new product range was launched under the name of “Stop Doc”. This series of product was characterized by simplicity of use and functionality. It facilitated and expedited document archiving.

Due to their high quality, office products marked by this brand have become recognizable in many European countries. The production of the A.D. Class company is also known in Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand. The A.D. company’s head office was located in Valenciennes (France), the company also had sales offices in the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland.

In 2000, the production of AD Class articles was moved to Poland. Since 2008, BCF Blow & Cast has owned the AD Class brand. The company afterwards changed its name to BCF Sp. z o.o.

While continuing the brand’s tradition of superior offerings, we are gradually expanding our line of archiving and stationery products so as to correspond to the current market trends and needs.